Arrow Hill Academy

What is Arrow Hill Academy?
Arrow Hill is a small, all boys, school in the state of Michigan.

What grade levels are offered at A.H.A?
Arrow Hill currently offers classes for students in Pre-K - 1st Grade levels.

How many students attend A.H.A.?
There are currently 2 students enrolled at Arrow Hill.

What curriculum is offered?
Arrow Hill currently uses Horizons curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications for Reading, Math, Handwriting, and Health,  Tapestry of Grace for Bible, History, L.A., Art & Crafts, and Sonlight for Science.

Is Arrow Hill Academy enrolling new students?
At this time, Arrow Hill is not enrolling any new students, however future enrollments are not out of the question. ;)

School Colors?  Mascot?
School Colors: Red and Yellow
School Mascot: Monkey.