Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to my creative side! I've noticed that I usually come up with and start a project when I have little time to get it compleated. For example, the Christmas vests I'm making for the boys. I started them on Nov 10. I need them done by Dec 7 so I have time to get the pictures taken and cards sent out. As of this moment, I have the back of JAE's vest done. I have 1 row, binding off that row, sewing in the tails, and blocking left with JD's. I'll finish up the first two things tonight and do the rest tomorrow. That gives me 1 week to get the second one compleated. YIKES! Wish me luck!

I can't find the cord to hook up my camera to the computer so no pictures at this time. Once I find it I'll post some.

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