Saturday, December 06, 2008

They're Done!

Both Christmas vests are done! I'm so excited. However, JAE's doesn't fit over his head :( I'm giong to have to figure that part out...probably cut a slit or something. It fit before I put the 2 row neck border on. JD's is a little snug to get over his head too, but at least it goes on.
**Edit - I took the neck boarder off so it will fit over his head. I looks alright, not to weird.**

Things I learned how to do while knitting these:
1. Frogging. I was 3/4 of the way done with the back of JD's and switched patterns so had to frog half of it. Getting those stiches back onto the needle was a pain in the butt.

2. Knitting with 3 colors at the same time. Not so bad. JD's was a bit tight which you can tell when looking at it. JAE's is better since I knew to keep it a loser.

3. Knitting in the round. Not hard at all.

4. Picking up stiches. A pain, but easier after a few times.

5. Blocking. Didn't even know what this was until now. :)

For JD's size (3T) I used this pattern: with a few alterations; only did 3 diamonds and the neck boarder doesn't cross over (because it wouldn't fit over his head) Also, I didn't do the duplicate stitch over the white part. I did the 3 colors at the same time and left it that way. Only used one size needle - Size 6.

JAE's pattern - size 9 months: I used the same one as JD's as a base, but had to rework it all.
CO 66
Knit 1 row
Rows 2-7: K2 P2 to end
Rows 8-?: Alternate Knit and Purl rows (throughout whole vest)
At 5 inches - Bind Off 4 at beginning of next 2 rows.
Bind Off 1 at beginning of next 14 rows
Work even until 9 1/2 inches from bottom of vest
Knit/Purl 10 (actually i would suggest 7 or 8 for larger head opening, but I did 10), BO 24, Knit 10.
Place stiches on holder for later.

Work same as the back until 3 inches.
Work Argyle Pattern. Should be compleated once you reach 5 inches.
Bind Off 4 at beginning of next 2 rows.
Bind Off 1 at beginning of next 11 rows.
Bind Off 1 at beginning of next row, work 21 stiches, Knit2tog, Add in a second skien, Knit to end.
Bind Off 1 at beginning of next 2 rows while also decreasing 1 at neck edge on both sides. (this will compleate the 14 rows that are the same as the back.)
Decrease 1 on each side of the neck edge until only 10 stiches remain on each side.
Work even until 9 1/2 inches from bottom of vest
Do a 3 way bind off of shoulders...joining the front and back together.

Pick up 48
K2 P2 in the round for 4 rows
Bind Off

Pick up 66 or 68 or 72 (sorry I can't remember exactly how many it was.)
K2 P2 back and forth (not in the round) for 2 rows.
Bind Off
You can keep the V in front or sew the 2 sides together.

Sorry if the pattern is confusing. Its the first one I've actually written out.

I'm taking the boys' Christmas pics this week so those will get posted too.

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