Saturday, March 07, 2009

Book 2 - The Giver

The Giver

This was a reread. The first time I read this book was in 7th grade and I enjoyed it. It was one of the few books I actually liked reading in school and I decided it was time to reread it.

The book is based in a utopia community where everything and everyone is the same. The leaders of the community enforce and make the rules, decide on spouses for people, names and placement of the children, jobs for all members. Children receive their job placements at the age of 12 and than begin training at that time. One boy, Jonas is selected for the highest honor as Receiver of Memory. There is one member who carries all the memories of the world's history. Memories of war, famine, hunger, love, colors, music, animals, etc.. The old Memory Keeper becomes the Giver and passes all those memories to Jonas. During this process, Jonas begins to question whether or not the current life style is the "right way" to live.

I really liked this book. The ending made me a little upset, but still good. Really makes you think about what Utopia really is and how great it is that we are all able to share in the memories of the world. Even if those are not pleasant ones. The memories of love, courage, family, joy, peace, and celebration make up it.

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Alexia said...

I haven't read that book in a long time, I should read it again!