Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sunflowers for Bees Stage 1

Spent the day planting our sunflower seeds for our "Bee Experiment" and "Learn How Things Grow" studies. They were more interested in making and playing in the mud, but JD did help put the seeds and plants into the ground once I had finished digging it all up.

The sunflowers are on the left, carrots in the middle, 2 tomato and a strawberry plant on the right. Can't wait until they start popping up!

Last Week we also finished up our study on the human body. JD learned many interesting facts about himself like: little white circles called blood cells heal all his boo-boos, his heart is like a fountain, bones make you strong and help your body not look like pudding, muscles help you move, and his 5 senses.

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