Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Break Around Here.

Well, that's only half true.  We took 2 weeks off of school then did the last week of PreK, took one more week off and now we are diving into Kindergarten!  Why no summer?  Because he's 4 and if we take to much time off it will be a HUGE battle getting back into the school routine.  Plus he likes school for the most part, why stop?

So anyway, here we are in our first week of Kindergarten and I thought I would come and share our reading list for the year.  Since the main focus this year is to teach JD to read, we are doing a lot more read-a-loud chapter books.  Doing this should also help him pay attention more (here's hoping!!), sit still, and use his imagination.  Good mommy and JD time too :)

This list will last us until Christmas Break.  Goal is 1 chapter a day Mon-Sat.

*Little King Davie by Nellie Hellis (3 chapters left)
*Winne The Pooh (only 3 chapters left..been reading randomly for awhile now)
*The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
*Swiss Family Robinson
*Boxcar Children Book 1
*Prince Caspian
*5 True Dog Stories
*Robin Hood
*Around the World in 80 Days
*Mr. Popper's Penguins
*Voyage of the Dawn Treader (hope to be finished just in time for the movie!!)

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Alexia said...

Fun! We are working through Charlotte's Web right now and I have a nice long list LOL Noah loves to be read to, he used to see me reading one of my novels and ask me to read it to him! (and I would).