Friday, August 06, 2010

Tomato Training part 2

Sooooooooo... Yes.  We are still doing this.  Those first 4-5 days were great.  Saw improvements and was impressed with how it was working.  Then, I got lazy.  Wasn't on top of things as much as I was the first week.  We also went to my parents house and the boys decided that since we were not home they could go back to normal and not listen to me.  Probably didn't help that I was not with them all the time because I had to work and we had a baby shower to go to.  I will say that they did behave better then I would have thought they would with all the different things they had to endure.  LOL 

They still had time outs for not listening when we were at the house.  That was fun since the air was broke and it was so hot.  They would scream and cry and get overheated.  I was hot and just wanted them to stop so that made my patience disappear faster.  At one point I threw them both in different rooms that had fans blowing on them so they could cool down.  Then let them back out when they were ready to keep their noses on the wall. 

Also learned that it works better without help from other people.  Including the husband.  I just get more irritated when someone is trying to help or not doing it the right way.  Or maybe it was just the heat.  Probably both HAHA. 

So since we have been home I again haven't been doing it as well as I could and should be.  Today for example has been more "If you do not get in your room/  If you do not get out of the kitchen etc...You will be putting your nose on the wall."  This works, they run to where they are supposed to be.  But I have to repeat myself more then I'd like and that is usually the threat rather then just having them do it for doing what they shouldn't be doing.  I guess I'm trying to avoid the screaming and crying?

Which brings me to the screaming and crying.  I would love to know how to stop this!!  95% of the time JD has to go in time out he says "NO!" which turns into screaming it and crying and then when he is in time out he wont stand up and screams in my face.  I have tried the surprise approach of a little pop on the mouth or getting inches from his face and telling him that is not acceptable behavior/not how you talk to mommy.  But it doesn't work.  Eventually he says "if you stop saying it (stand up) I will"  which isn't how it should be.  He should do as I tell him not make a "compromise?" of sorts.  I don't know.  We will have to work on this more.  JAE does it to sometimes and I'm thinking he is just copying JD.  Oh goodie.   

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Alexia said...

I'm getting ready to start "star money" with the boys. Noah especially because he's gotten really mouthy lately. I'm gonna buy a bunch of smaller toys/games/puzzles etc. and probably a couple of larger items he's been begging for and have him save up for them by earning stars. And then I can take them away when he says something naughty. Hoping it works!