Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Year = New Fun

About to finish up our 4th week of the new school year!  We have been having lots of fun along the way which I think is making up for all the non-fun we have encountered as well.  Has anyone ever been told "I DON'T LIKE SCHOOL!!" ??  Well I have...multiple times a day actually LOL  But that's just when I am forcing my child to learn his reading and writing and math.  :(  Poor boy!  But enough of the non-fun!!  Here are some pictures of the things we have been up to that don't bring on the stubbornness!!

Boys making Tower of Babel models:

Boys made Lentil Stew one night followed by camping in a tent so we could experiance the lifestyle of Abraham and other's of that time period:

 Ya...I know hard to see...but they didn't have flash on camera's back in Abe's day HAHA

 Moving on to Egypt and learning about mummies.  This is a current experiment to see what salt does to help preserve the bodies aka apples:

 Making Pyramid Cookies (didn't turn out to great, but they had fun making them):

 Science Class = Volcanos! 


Alexia said...

Fun! Can I just send my boys to your school? I haven't even thought about what we're gonna do yet LOL!

OctoberRain said...

They are welcome to come over anytime!!