Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fish and Feathers

Early this week Grandma took the boys out and bought them a brand new fish bowl and one fish each. Their first pets! Very exciting time here. Well...JD's fish lasted about 48 hours and then was dead. He took the news well, was more upset that I scooped the fish out instead of him. JAE was upset that his fishie didn't get to be flushed with JD's. He didn't have to wait long though, today his fish went belly up. He was so proud to flush it. LOL Crazy boys! We did buy JD a new one the day his died so we are down to 1 fish and an algae eater. Here's a pic of JD and the original fishes.

Next: We are learning about birds this week in school. The boys got to experience writing with a "quill" They enjoyed this old style of coloring :) Yes my boy is a lefty! Watching him write with the feather and paint made me really wonder of lefties of the past did not smear their work. Must have had lots of practice!

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Alexia said...

Maybe there were too many fish in the bowl? Not that I know anything about fish LOL

That quill writing looks fun!