Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hunt for Bees!

Today I came across this pretty simple science project called The Great Sunflower Project 2010.

The Goal: Document how many bees come to visit your sunflower.
The Cost: $3.00 for seeds through their website OR buy them at a local store. Cost for dirt and pots OR use your own garden. :)

There are only 4 easy steps to participate!
1.Sign up on their website and plant your sunflower
2.Describe your garden
3.Time how long it takes 5 bees to visit your sunflower plant
4.Enter your data online or send them your form.

Sounds easy right? I thought so! We will be participating this year and probably plant our seeds in April or May once this cold weather is FINALLY gone haha. Why don't you join us! ;)

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