Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bees Are Disappearing

Yes, that's right.  The bees are disappearing!  I first heard this as a "joke" in a TV show and it seems to be catching my eye/hear more often.  If you would like proof of this statement you can read THIS

So why am I talking this?  Well for starters, like I said, I keep hearing about bees.  Probably about every other week I hear something about how we are in a shortage of bees to pollinate the different plants our food comes from.  Less beekeepers in the world.  The few beekeepers left keep seeing their hives die more and more each season.  Dying from both sickness and the poison people spray all over their plants.

Second, we (JD and I) studied about insects last week in preschool and the insect that my son had the most interest in was the bee.  We even side tracked a bit to watch a couple short videos about them and how they make honey.  And just to comment on the short web search I preformed at the last minute, there are not many videos geared towards young kids.  Older kids yes, but not for the little ones.  He watched one and then lost interest in the second and I don't blame him.

Third, our sunflower experiment is coming up in a month or so!  We will be documenting how many BEES come to visit our sunflowers :)  See I just can't escape the bees HAHA.  Hoping our seeds will arrive in the next few weeks so we can get those growing!  The boys should enjoy helping to plant them and watching them grow.  Bonus science experiment - how plants grow and what they need!

Anywho...The Bees Are Disappearing so be nice to the few you see this spring and summer!

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