Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This year we are focusing most of our energy on learning to read. I have to admit, this part of school/teaching scared me the most! HOW ON EARTH WAS I GOING TO TEACH THIS???? I had no idea how to teach it and actually get him to understand or make it stick. Letters, OK I can do that. Letter sounds, no problem. Blending them together and making words? No clue how to do that..its just something I know how to do, everyone knows how to do, like talking or breathing.

OK, OK I know how to teach blending them together, that is not really the issue. It is more having him do it so he "gets it" instead of staring at me like I'm crazy. He's great at saying letter sounds on their own. For example: cat he would sit there all day and say c......a....... t but never ca t or c at. Just didn't know how or want to stick them together.

Not anymore!! I am in amazement!! Don't know if it was the extra couple weeks/months were it just clicked or if I'm just awesome (I'm guessing the extra time lol) but he can now read small words! Today we are on lesson 18 of our reading curriculum and he is doing great. Please don't think I'm bragging on my boy...ok I kinda am, I'm so proud :) I'm mostly bragging on the curriculum!  I know all kids learn at different speeds and reading early isn't a sign of anything.

If you take a look at the last picture of the list of words, he is able to read all of those. Some with help remembering what the vowel "i" and "u" say, but he's doing it and that's just cool :)

Also a few pictures of him working. Notice his horrible posture while writing. :| He just wont hold the paper or keep his head off the table. Just another thing to work on. And a few pictures of what our table looks like after they are done. The crayons are JAE's mess.  This is a clean day.

I have a feeling that Kindergarten is going to be a great year!

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Alexia said...

Awesome! I'm really excited to start teaching the boys how to read. I have a fail-safe book that I stole from Mom LOL