Monday, August 23, 2010

Tomato to Sauce

Time for a little science. Today we learned that spaghetti sauce comes from tomatoes. So for dinner JD helped make homemade tomato sauce!

We have been learning over the summer that some foods are grown in a garden and come from a plant. One of those plants gives us tomatoes. The boys have had the chance to watch the plant grow, see the green tomatoes arrive, turn red, and then pick them. (We also have a strawberry plant which they have more of an interest in since they can eat those right after picking =) ) This also means we have a fridge drawer full of tomatoes. Tonight we opened up our Kitchen Science book and decided to make a little homemade spaghetti sauce!

They watched how this lovely tomato:

turned into this:

and then enjoyed this:

Yes, its orange. Husband says its because they were not ripe enough. They were red and starting to shrivel so I don't know. LOL The boys got to add all the other ingredients to the pot which is their favorite thing about cooking. "Can I pour/dump/sprinkle it in?" is what I hear anytime a bowl is on the counter or the spices come out of the cupboard. :) It was actually pretty good!

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