Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reading List

Well, we are about 3 weeks behind on our Read-Alouds.  Pretty much my fault though.  I never seem to remember to pick the book up at the right time.  I remember after JD is asleep or in the middle of phonics worksheets, but never when it would actually be a good time to read it. 

I think part of the reason was that the book we were on was a bit long for a 4yr old.  I wanted to just skip the rest and move on, but didn't.  We made it through and he actually started paying more attention to the second half.  No more jumping and running and trying to escape LOL.  He can also tell you the very basics of the book so that's a plus.

So, so far we have finished up:
*Little King Davie
*The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Next up is a kid's level of The Swiss Family Robinsons.  Shorter chapters, larger print, more pictures :)  Here's hoping it goes well!

Also at the store today I picked up Peter Pan and The Story of Doctor Dolittle for $1.00 each!  YES the dollar section had a good selection of "classic" books.  They are for young readers (8+) but lots of picture pages so hoping they will work out as descent Read-Alouds.  Not sure when we will be adding them in..we will see.  Probably just throw them onto the end of the list :) 

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Alexia said...

We're still working on Charlotte's Web LOL I always forget too! Hopefully with finally starting school now I'll remember more often!