Saturday, September 25, 2010

So time to catch up on our school stuff :) I will start with science. This year for science we are doing Kitchen Science so basically we do an experiment and then cook/bake something. This time was Monkey Bread - Learning about yeast. We did the yeast experiment in water last year so I skipped it and just made the bread this time around (Plus I kinda forgot..opps)

We started by making homemade bread in our bread machine and then JD rolled them into balls, covered in sugar and placed them in the pan.

Doesn't it look yummy?? It was!

Next up we have Social Studies. We were learning about: maps, directions (N,S,E,W), compasses, and different aspects of the earth (mountains, oceans, deserts, islands etc..) We made a salt map. Husband wanted them to make MI since that's were we live, but JD added tons of islands so its his own little country :) JAE made TONS of islands LOL

And then I added some mountains to JD's and they painted them. JD can tell you that the brown is desert, green is grass/land, bumpy brown is mountains, the land with water all around is an island, and blue is ocean!

JAE also practiced cutting while JD made a compass.

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