Monday, October 11, 2010

Judy and Jack - Happy Little Caterpillars

I would like to introduce the newest members of the family: Judy and Jack. The boys and I were out playing at grandma's house the other day and found 2 Woolybear caterpillars. We decided to take them home and raise them until they turn into Isabella Tiger Moths!

I know what you're thinking.."ewww moths, why didn't you get butterfly ones?" Well because its fall and butterflies usually hatch in the spring (if I remember correctly). Our lovely woolybears will hibernate all winter which a great way to teach the boys about this without having to get a bear! ;) Plus they are just so cute as caterpillars. Oh and FREE!

We have learned a few interesting facts about Judy and Jack:

1. They hibernate
2. There is a folk lore that states: "the orange stripe on them can determine how harsh the winter will be"
3. Scientific fact is the stripe gets larger/wider the closer they are to hibernation.
4. They eat weeds/dandelions leaves.
5. They play dead if you try to touch them/pick them up/poke them with a stick.
6. Not really about them, but the boys will also be learning about habitat and how important it is not to disturb/move the items around.

We will be watching and caring for Judy and Jack this winter and then make them a nice new home to transform into moths this spring. Which is another great learning experience to come :)

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Alexia said...

Oh cool! Do you have to feed them all winter long? We've found a couple around here...if I thought the boys would let them live all winter, I'd do the same thing LOL