Sunday, January 16, 2011

Journey Through the Human Body - Brain

Well it has been a couple months since I last updated. Partly because we took most of December off from school for Christmas and family and traveling. But we are about to start our 3rd week back and I thought it was time to update the world (or the small group of people who like reading about our school days).

First, we have started a new Read Aloud Book: Robin Hood. This is a "Classic Starts" book so its an easy read, less detailed edition. I have to say, it is probably one of our most...violent ones so far. First chapter Robin shot an arrow into someone's heart. Talks about hanging people. But we can't avoid unpleasant things forever and unless he asks about it, I'm not going to explain haha

I am also making JD read at least 1 page each time we pick up the book. He reads all the smaller easier to sound out words while I help with the large ones. I then finish the chapter and read until he falls asleep or gets antsy. He really doesn't like reading :( But I am hoping that by the end of next year, when his reading skills have improved, he will. Any advice to help a boy love reading on his own would be helpful!!

This "semester" we are doing a child led interest for science. If you noticed the title of this post I'm sure you've guessed what that is :) We will be taking a journey through the human body. Learning as much as they want. Each week will move onto a new topic.

This week we studied the brain and learned where it is, what it looks like, how it feels, shape, the different sections and what they control. We made a model of the brain out of a flour mixture clay and painted it. And once my husband brings home some cardboard we will be making a life size human body of both boys. Then placing each body part on once we have studied it.

Social studies this semester we are learning continents and briefly studying a country or 2 from each. We began with Antarctica, then South America (Peru), and currently on North America (Mexico & USA). One of our projects for this is to color and cut out each continent and gluing it into a lapbook. The lapbook is more of a map since it does not have any other items in it, but its based on the idea. They will both have their own world map (slightly misplaced with upside continents and whatnot LOL) when we are done. Another fun thing about this is that we are learning different languages along the way. I have decided that for each country we talk about we will learn how to say "hello, goodbye, friend, and Jesus/God" So far they have learned Spanish for Peru and Mexico. JD walks around saying "Hola, amigo" to JAE and tells anyone who will listen that it means "hello friend" :) Love watching how things click these days!

So that's about it for now. I plan on updating once a week for our Human Body Journey but I sometimes get lazy so we shall see.

Brain Making

JAE's is a bit...deformed and squished :|  LOL

Husband says JD's looks like the spaceship from Star Trek...I have to agree.

Social Studies

JD's book

JAE's book:  Yes, North America is upside down. :)  My guess, he wanted the Northern states to warm up by flipping them to the South haha

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