Sunday, January 23, 2011

Journey Through the Human Body - Heart

This week our focus has been on the heart.  Mainly that the heart is a muscle, pumps blood to the body, the blood returns when it needs more air (oxygen) and goes to the lungs to collect more, it has valves that open and close the blood cant go backwards, and that it does not look like this: <3

JD fully understands that our body needs blood and that the blood needs to travel the right way through the body.  Also, that blood needs oxygen or it will die.  He made the connection that if our lungs get sick then the blood would not be able to get oxygen and that if our heart gets sick then it can not send that blood to our body.  Without the blood getting what it needs or being sent where it needs to go, our body cannot work.  I was VERY amazed at how much he was able to put together.

Other interesting facts we came across:
1. The heartbeat you feel is the valves slamming shut to stop the blood from going the wrong way. They then relax and (in between beats) and slam shut again creating the thump-thump, thump - thump rhythem.

2.  The boys learned that people can donate blood to others who are hurt and lost alot of blood.  But we cannot "share blood if we are sick"

3.  We can feel our heartbeat on our wrist.  This caused a little confusion since JD instantly thought.."oh there is another heart there"  LOL  Don't worry he was corrected. :)

Sorry no pics this fun projects this time.

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