Friday, February 18, 2011

Journey Through the Human Body - Lungs

Our journey continues with the lungs.

There is so much more to learn about the lungs then just that they make you breath. For instance, most people think of them as like a balloon that expands and deflates while breathing, but forget that your blood actually pass through to get oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Here are some more interesting facts we have learned:
*The left lung is smaller then the right because it has a dip "cut out" to make room for the heart.
*The lungs are the only body part that will float if placed in water.
*You breath in more through your nose then your mouth.
*The nose cleans the air, warms it, and moistens it to make it ready for your lungs and body.
*The lungs look like an upside down tree because of all the "branches and twigs" that branch off from the "stem"(windpipe)

This week we made a model of the lungs using the project from this website:

We also have our "life size" cardboard cutouts up! They are a little taller then the boys to make all the different parts fit, but it works.

Here are some pictures those with the brain, heart, and lungs attached.

Here are the boys making their lungs.  Well...I made them and they helped a little. :)  Of course they are more interested in cutting and playing with the straw pieces then the science project.  

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