Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letters To God

I watched a movie today called "Letters to God" which is about an 8yr old boy who has cancer.  Throughout his trials with battling the cancer he holds onto his faith in God and writes letters to Him everyday.  He writes them and then mails them.  These letters later have an impact on many people in different ways.

I LOVED the idea of writing letters to God.  What an awesome way to pray.  I used to write letters to Him in a journal.  Writing is such a great way to focus on your prayers.  When praying in your head so many distractions come up; other thoughts about the day, what you want to pray about next, sleep, etc..  But when you are writing to God you can focus and let it all flow out through the pen.  You don't have to worry about sounding silly or repeating yourself over and over again while you organize your thoughts because you just write.  Ya..there are pauses and moments to think, but that is ok.  Its a mix of writing a letter to a friend and journaling your deepest thoughts.  But that is how awesome God is :)  A friend and secret keeper of your most personal thoughts.

Yes, I have heard of prayer journals, but to me those are more of a list of prayers you prayed and ones that have been answered.  Not the same thing in my head.

So I have decided to add Letter Writing to our daily school time.  This will be a fantastic way to first teach the boys about prayer and get in the habit of praying every day.  Also, to teach writing skills, penmanship, spelling and grammar.  These skills will improve over time and will not be corrected in their journals, but more of a way to practice and make writing fun.  The most important thing is learning to talk to God and having fun doing so!

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